Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile Fabric Structures

Technical Information

One of the key components of a Tensile Canopy / Tensile Fabric Structure / Fabric Canopy / Fabric Roof structure is the Tensile Fabric itself. The kind of Fabric material to be selected will depend on the desired final effect, steel structure design, durability, aesthetic appeal, and Budget and location requirements for the tensile fabric roof canopy application.

Using exceptional quality tensile fabric materials which are imported from European manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mehler, Sieon, Haytex, Sattler, Sprech, we are able to create Tensile membrane structures / Tensile Canopy and other forms like never before.

Commonly known as tensile fabric structures, these products are also referred to as tensile membrane roofs, tension canopy structures, architectural canopy structures, Clear Span structures, shell structures, Spatial Structures and fabric structures etc in the western world. In a layman's terms, sometimes also referred to as a Awnings, gazebos, tents, roofs, canopies, entryways, etc.

Now a day’s tensile canopies/ Marquees/ Tents are leading and eco-friendly roofing solution for Toll Plaza, Express Way, Highways, Airports, Food Courts, Freeways, Parking, Walkways.

Tensile Fabric Structures

A tensile fabric structure is a membrane (fabric) maintained under pre-stress (tension) state by structural elements and supporting systems.

  • Can disperse natural light with condensed heat load (Excellent alternative to polycarbonate or glass as roof glazing system).
  • Higher light transmission during daytime (Sufficient to reduce artificial lighting requirement by 5% - 20%).
  • Absorbs solar energy (4%-17%) and reduces the heat load.
  • Low maintenance as compared to glass.
  • Maximum structural fabrication is carried on off-site
  • Minimal site interruptions since the membranes structures are manufactured in the factories.
  • No extension joints since the membranes structures are welded into a single weatherproof skin.
  • Designed for rapid construction.
  • Larger span for more coverage.
  • Variability in design and execution depending upon the desired output of the customer.

Quality Policy

Commitment to excellence in product quality and making one-stop technical expertise available to the Architects, and Civil - Structural Infrastructure sector is our primary goal at ICONIC SHADES (Tensile Structure Fabricator). In order to ensure that all our designs and structures are in accordance with the requisite standards and policies, our in-house quality control team (Consultants, Engineers, Designers and Craftsmen, Fabricators) rigidly monitors each project at every stage of the manufacturing process, right from conceptualization to raw material procurement and final-stage erection and post-completion maintenance.


Conceptualizing, Designing and Manufacturing of Tensile Canopy structures and Fabric Canopies are as much of an art as a science. We therefore purchase from one of the best manufacturer and employ highly skilled structural Engineers, Architects, Fabricators and Tensile Fabric Artisans at our Design studios situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Our Tensile Structure Fabricators Team (Structural Engineers, Architects, Fabricators and Tensile Fabric Artisans) is equipped with state-of-the art software to go through Engineering Processes like:

  • Form - finding.
  • Patterning and Nesting.
  • Enhanced Detailing for superior Tensile Fabric Membrane quality.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEM)
  • Non Linear Stress analysis and deflections under various load conditions for membrane structure.
  • Structural analysis for metal structures.
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